Cigarettes are made from tobacco, but did you know
that they are full of harmful chemicals too?

Imagine what all these chemicals are doing to your health.
You wouldn’t drink nail polish remover would you?
So why smoke it?

TURPENTINE (paint thinner)

This is a very toxic liquid and can
cause damage to the lungs,
respiratory system and the central
nervous system when inhaled.

LEAD (a type of heavy metal)

Lead is used in building construction,
batteries, weights and bullets.
Lead poisoning stunts your growth,
makes you vomit and damages
your brain.

Carbon Monoxide (car exhaust)

Carbon Monoxide is found in the exhaust of a car.
Carbon Monoxide reduces the bloods ability to carry
oxygen, making it harder to exercise and harder for the
blood to get to your toes and fingers.

benzopyrene (coal tar)

Coal Tar is found in smoke from forest fires,
cigarette smoke and sometimes burnt foods.
It’s one of the most cancer causing
chemicals in the world.

AMMONIA (Floor Cleaner)

Ammonia is a chemical that is put
in floor cleaner and tobacco. It changes
the chemistry of nicotine to make
the nicotine more addictive.

BUTANE (found in gasoline)

Highly flammable, it is commonly
found in petrol and lighter fluid.

NICOTINE (pesticide)

Nicotine is a toxic drug found
in tobacco and is highly addictive.
It increases your blood pressure
and heart rate and is also used in
pesticides to kill bugs.

ACETONE (nail polish remover)

It is also found in paint stripper,
the tobacco industry refuses to
say why it is found in cigarettes.

CADMIUM (car batteries)

This ingredient causes damage
to the liver, kidneys and brain
and stays in the body for years.

ARSENIC (ant poison)

In earlier times arsenic was used as
a poison to murder people, today it
is in ant poison and cigarettes and
causes cancer.

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