Quitting is really important.
There are many people who
can help you.

how to quit


Quitting smoking suddenly
without any help from other
people or products.

Aboriginal Quitline

 (Call 13 78 48)
This is a telephone coaching
service that offers
help when smokers are
finding it hard to stay off
the smokes.

Cutting back

Smoking less and less each
day may help some people
work towards quitting.

Quit as a group

Finding other people who
want to quit and doing it
together, to support each
other during the withdrawal
and cravings.


A treatment that has helped
some people quit smoking
using very small needles
that act on different parts
of the body and mind.

Therapy (NRT)

This is different types of
medicine that feed the brain
nicotine for a short time to
help with the cravings while
getting off the smokes.
Different types of NRTs are
patches, chewing gum,
lozenges, tablets or an


A type of treatment where
a trained hypnotist
can work deeply with your
beliefs to help
you think and act like a

 Quit text
message services

Receiving free text
messages on your
mobile phone to provide
support during quitting.




People don’t have to quit on their own, there are many supports that can help them quit smoking. It is important to work out which one works best for you.


Have a yarn to your local Doctor, health workers or tobacco workers, they can work with you to find the best way to help you quit, and give you support.

Come to see us by making an appointment at Bunurong Health Service on 9794 5933.

Want to quit? There’s an app for that! Here are two to check out but there are lots more!

My QuitBuddy (Cancer council) My Quit Coach (LIVESTRONG)

Have a yarn to the Aboriginal Quitline on 13 78 48, When you call the Quitline you can ask to speak to an Aboriginal Counsellor. Them mob are always there to support you and have a confidential chat without shame.

Even if you don’t smoke and you’re worried about someone who does, you can talk to them.

Book in a session with Tristan, our Tobacco Cessation worker. He has years of experience working in smoking cessation as an Aboriginal Quit Specialist for Quitline Victoria.

Aboriginal Quitline (Call 131 848)

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