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Top 10 Gunky As Things You Inhale With Every Puff Of A Cigarette

Having a cigarette might seem to be cool to some, but it comes with a long list of the grossest things you would never put anywhere near your mouth!

A cigarette has over 7000 chemicals in it and at least 69 of them are toxic cancer causing chemicals (called carcinogens).

Basically, here’s what you’re inhaling:

1. Hydrogen Cyanide

That cloud of smoke that you exhale is loaded with Hydrogen Cyanide. Yes, the same compound that is found in rat poison! Cheese and whiskers! Also this was the active ingredient used to murder Jews on mass inside the gas chamber during the Holocaust.

2. Tar

The tar in every cigarette; that smokers sometimes cough up; is the same black stuff that is used to cover roads with. And it stinks. *smokers cough cough* It’s the chemical that stains a smokers fingers and teeth. It’s also why their lungs black and gross instead of pink and healthy.

3. Cigarettes flavoured with pee!

In order to ‘improve’ the ‘flavour’, Big Tobacco add ammonia to cigarettes. Scientists say that it helps deliver nicotine to the brain faster to keep you hooked on smoking. Main component also in pee is ammonia. Ammonia is also in floor cleaner. It’s toxic and gross and makes yellow snow.

4. Acetone

Anyone who has removed their on fleek nail art in a small unventilated room will know how headachy and yuck you feel breathing in those fumes. Well smokers inhale the same chemical called Acetone in every cigarette. If only the inside of their lungs needed its nail polish removed…

5. Benzene

There is a reason that we don’t take showers with fuel for the car. Yeah Zoolander *da da da jitterbug* It’s great for getting our fully sick wheels to take us on chap laps but to put it anywhere near your body is a no no. It’s because of the chemical Benzene. I just causes a little thing called cancer (and leukaemia). Benzene is also in cigarettes. They don’t call them cancer sticks for nothing.

6. Menthol flavoured? You mean, turps flavoured

Love that Menthol flavour? Well you can extend your thanks to that super stinky chemical in your shed that helps you thin out your paint – Turpentine. Turpentine, our favourite paint stripper, is purposefully added by Big Tobacco to ‘flavour’ menthol cigarettes. Scrumdiddlyumptious.

7. Cadmium

This toxic heavy metal (sorry Zepheads not Led Zeppelin) is found in the smoke of a burning cigarette. This heavy metal is called Cadmium. Cadmium is also the active ingredient in *drum roll*… batteries? It’s really toxic for the bod and of course causes cancer.

8. Carbon monoxide

This odourless, poisonous killer comes straight out of the back of cars. You wouldn’t wrap your lips around an exhaust so why would you smoke a cigarette? Yes carbon monoxide that oxygen thief of a gas is inhaled with every puff. We even have a machine that measure just how much is in your lungs and blood stream called the Smokerlyzer. Ask us for a test if you’re game.

9. Lead

Ever noticed that they only sell unleaded fuel? Well there is a good reason – lead is toxic. It’s also been removed from paint. And the reason is that it was poisoning people and causing a little thing called severe brain damage. Lead is the same thing that is smoked directly into your lungs from cigarettes!

10. Naphthalene

Walk into an old person’s house and you get punched in the nose with some strange smell. That would be from their love of moth balls. Old people love to wage war on those clothes munching moths by putting moth balls all over the house. The chemicals that kills the moths is called Naphthalene. So if it kills moths why are people breathing it in when they puff on a cigarette? It doesn’t do the body any favours, that’s probably why the box says poison.

I wish this was this entire list but alas there is more. For more information on these chemicals and others see the page on our website – What’s in a Cigarette

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