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June Blog Post Winner – Lauren Gittens!


By Lauren Gittens, aged 11.

So, today my friends just asked me if I wanted a smoke.
I turned around and yelled “NO!”
I remembered my Grandpa smoking and he got very sick. Grandpa told me once he regretted the day, the day he started smoking was “the worst day of my life”.
I thought about my Grandpa and straight away I told my friends “NO!”
I remember my Great Grandpa wanted to join a football team, but couldn’t because he smoked and this upset him.

I went to a Healthy Lifestyle Team event and I learnt about smoking and also eating. It made me think how horrible it is to smoke and it could damage your whole body.
It made me think when I am an adult I will never smoke!

At school my friends had a smoke and asked me if I was sure I didn’t want a smoke and I said to them everything that smoking one cigarette can do to you.
One of my friends thought “no way, I don’t want to end up like that!”
She said everyone else turned around and said “I am not doing this” but two people still wanted to try it. All those who didn’t end up smoking thanked me for saving them from it.
I tell all my friends about my Grandpa and they feel very sorry for him and it made them think to never smoke.

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