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Mabo’s Last Diary Entry


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Wednesday 1st January 1992.

I spent this day in Townsville Hospital, the night Netta, Malita & Krystle came to see me.

Marriott, Wanee & their families came to see me one night but I don’t remember exactly which night. I advised all of them on the problems I was having health wise. I said to all of them please take my advise and stop taking foreign matter into your bodies such as tobacco, cigarettes alcohol and other forms of unnecessary drugs, tea & coffee could be the same.

Do not ever get annoyed if your love ones express their concerns about your drinking, or smoking habits, especially when they ask you to Stop Smoking or Stop Drinking Grog. Because such concerns are made out of Love, they Love you so much that they don’t want you to ruin yourself with dreadful drugs such as the ones I mentions Above.

I said to Mum one day “oh you don’t Love me anymore that why you don’t buy anymore smokes for me.” She bust out into tears straight away and She Said, “Oh no it not that Koiki, you know, too well that I Love you very much and I don’t want to be seen as also killing you with all these drugs. So in the future please do not make me buy you anymore drugs or cigarettes because I don’t want to kill you with my Love & Kindness…” Then from that day on I never asked mum to buy me any more smokes or rubbish which may be bad for my health –

So my advice to all my children, including Marriott, Wanee AND EZRA, To all my grandchildren & their children. Please Don’t Smoke or Drink Liquor, Make 1992 the starting year for our Drug Free Years that will follow from now on.

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