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Good News About Smoking? Yup!

Finally some good news! The ABS has released a report that asked over 11,000 Aboriginal people all over Australia about their smoking in 2014/15. And the news is good!

Our MOB* who smoke every day has dropped by 9.7% since 2002!


And of that:

Our MEN* who smoke every day has dropped by 10% since 2002!

Our WOMEN* who smoke every day has dropped 11% since 2002!

Our YOUNG FULLAS (15-24 years) who smoke every day has dropped by 8% since 2008! That’s way faster than our older aunties and uncles could give it up!

More and more of young Aboriginal people (15-24 years) are way too smart and deadly to never start up smoking in the first place. That’s progress!

They reckon that if every one of our mob gave up the smokes and the young ones don’t start we’d get real close to closing the gap completely. Protect our mob. Be proud – encourage those who want to give up the smokes. *over 15 years of age

For more help on quitting contact Tristan our Tobacco Cessation Worker 0409573533 or call the Aboriginal Quitline 13 78 48


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