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Cigarettes – The Secret Pet killer!


So we get that smoking cigarettes makes us humans very sick, but did you know it can kill your pets too. Hang on…but dogs don’t smoke? A pet’s favourite thing to do is be around their owners. If their owners are puffing out that toxic smoke (called secondhand smoke), their pets are breathing it right into their little lungs.

Love your puppy?
If a man’s best friend lives with someone that smokes, they are twice as likes to get cancer. Yes even your dog. Long-nose dogs are at a greater risk to get cancers of the nose and sinus area. Whereas medium to short nosed pooches are more likely to get lung cancer.

Cat crazy?
Our fun loving felines are twice as likely to get cancer of the lymph nodes (malignant lymphoma) if they live with a smoker. Meow!?! Second-hand smoke also puts them at risk of getting mouth cancer. This is because of how much cats clean themselves. The toxic chemicals from cigarettes land on the cat’s fur which they then lick off when cleaning themselves.

Snuggle bunnies?
Love your rabbit with all your heart? Your rabbits loving, beating heart is affect by second-hand smoke. If a bunny lives with a smoker they are more likely to develop heart problems and that just breaks my heart.

Adore your Tweetie?
Even our beautiful birdies suffer if they hang around smokers. Second-hand smoke can cause lung cancer and pneumonia in birds. The little lungs of our sweet singing birds are very sensitive to air pollution especially all the poisonous chemicals from those cancer sticks.

Protect our pets and never smoke. Encourage those around you who do to quit for their own health, for yours and for our non-human parts of the family.

Thanks to Live Science

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