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Helping Nan quit smoking!

Nan gets mad when I tell her to stop smoking and she won’t call the Quitline. How can I help her to quit? It’s hard to tell elders what to do.

We recently asked the Aboriginal Quitline what they reckon is the best way to help an Elder like nan or pa quit smoking, here’s what they said- Quitting is very personal and very difficult and sometimes when people are pressured to quit they can feel shamed or judged and that stress makes it even harder to quit. It is hard to see someone we love hurting their health but we still need to understand that it’s their decision to smoke or not to smoke.


The best thing you can do for your Nan is tell her the reason you want her to quit is that you love her and want her around for a long time and you would like to support her when she’s ready. Then it’s up to Grandma to make the decision. You can call the Quitline and ask them to send you some more information, we have a brochure called ‘helping others to quit’ that might help.

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